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Date: 21st April 2017
Data Standardization - B2B Leo

What is Data Standardization?

It is one of the key technique of ensuring the data quality. It involves process of bringing all data into a unique format with the use of sophisticated techniques and methodologies.

What are the challenges involved in Data Standardization?

  •  Consumers who submit incomplete records, through web services or e-commerce platforms
  • Poor integration of data from different sources such as "address," "street address" or "zip code
  • Contradictory inputs from CRM, ERP and other systems

Advantage of Using Our Database Monitoring Software:

·         Provides valid and accurate data

  • Interprets and re-organizes data within any context and from any source
  • Works efficiently with all your applications and systems like CRM, ERP and e-commerce platforms
  • Fuzzy matching techniques

How Data Standardization is beneficial for business?

ü Reconnects with your targeted customers

ü Rebuild your old Database

ü Avoids numerous negative effects from bad data

What are the steps we involve in Data Standardization process?

1.      Understanding & cleaning your data

2.      Knowing the entry points

3.      Choosing data standards

4.      Finally, defining the normalization matrix

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